Purlés is the result of combining innovative biotechnological thought with the nurturing traditions of mother nature from all four corners of the globe. Our world-class scientists and the most recent scientific discoveries enable our professional products to provide dermocosmetic therapies with rapid and observable results. A viable alternative to invasive anaesthetic techniques. Inspiring by nature, we design effective and pleasurable ceremonies that not only enhance beauty but also stimulate the senses.

French Innovation Laboratory
Purlés professional cosmetics are manufactured in French laboratories that adhere to the highest production standards; eighty percent of products are manufactured in France and twenty percent in Spain. Our products are infused with decades of scientific knowledge, quality control, and ongoing dermatological testing. The combination of innovative technologies and industry expertise is the trademark of Purlés, which guarantees the highest quality and most visible results. Our presence in the care and beauty market has demonstrated that customer satisfaction and safety are our top priorities.

Beauty Essence Derived from Aesthetic Medicine
The range of Purlés products is constantly expanding with new lines that are inspired by the most recent scientific advancements. Among these items are chemical peels, peptides, retinols, EGF, and hyaluronic acid. Our chemical peels' technologically advanced formulas ensure the highest quality and efficacy of exfoliation. Our mesococktail line, designed for microneedle mesotherapy and enriched with revolutionary home care, is an intensive treatment that combats the signs of skin ageing and ensures an optimal response to the skin's specific requirements. DNA Protection Expert's encapsulated vitamin C delivers the ingredient to the skin so that it can be effective and provides optimal coverage and availability. Due to the quality and composition of our cosmetics, they are the most effective tool in the hands of trained professionals.

Future-Oriented Professional Ceremonies
Our professional cosmetics were designed for beauty salons, clinics, and spas that want to provide their clients with comprehensive care and beauty solutions in addition to a superior service. We are constantly abreast of innovations and developments in the beauty industry. Constantly improving our standards and exceeding even the most demanding clients' expectations are fundamental to our business philosophy. The Purlés brand was created out of a desire to transform ordinary rituals into unforgettable ceremonies. This shift represents the future of professional therapies, in our opinion.

Worldwide wholesalers
The following nations distribute Purlés: Bulgaria, Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Korea, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, and Russia. Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vietnam.