Your Individual Beauty Code

Purlés is a combination of innovative biotechnological thought and natural forces developed in laboratories in France and Spain by eminent specialists. Since nearly ten years ago, the Purlés brand has successfully implemented its proprietary philosophy of creating an individual beauty code for each client. The numerical names of our cosmeceuticals make it easier than ever before to select and continue the most suitable treatment. The specialist selects the appropriate procedure for the client's skin, thereby generating a beauty code that, like a fingerprint, identifies the client's particular needs.

As a result of cutting-edge research into natural ingredients and inspiration from the most recent developments in aesthetic medicine, Purlés cosmeceuticals are capable of delivering rapid and visible results. The problem with the skin is remedied by the active ingredients contained in these products. Our ceremonies not only enhance beauty, but also stimulate the senses. They are a source of highly effective beauty salon skin care. Purlés cosmeceuticals, designed for use at home by individuals desiring daily comprehensive skincare solutions. Ask your cosmetologist about a skin care regimen tailored to your skin's specific requirements.