Gold, Pearls & Champagne Ceremony Purlés

Refined ceremony based on the ever-desired luxury elements of gold, pearls, and champagne.

The omnipresent elegance seduces the senses and allows you to discover your inner goddess. The benefits of this ritual should be recognised by all clients, regardless of skin type. The Ceremony meets every individual need because its active ingredients are properly adjusted during the ritual. Advanced product formulations promote cell renewal and skin conditioning. Gold microelements delicately brighten the skin, stimulate collagen and elastin production, and thus ensure its firmness and elasticity. Champagne gives the skin a silky smooth feel and suppleness. We recommend a lifting face massage with natural pearls to complement this session of youth and relaxation. Following this treatment, the skin becomes refined and luminous. It entices with its sensual, sweet fragrance of luxury and champagne.